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Advance has been created through many years of contribution and commitment to the area of learning and development.

We are passionate about helping organisations achieve true health.


Below are some videos explaining some of the Advance principles.

At Advance we believe that the single greatest advantage any organisation can achieve is organisational health.

Healthy organisations combat the challenges that exist in today’s world, and they do it in a manner that involves minimal politics and confusion, high degrees of productivity, and clear purpose.

We approach the delivery of our workforce development services through a blended learning approach. This ensures the achievement of outcomes fit the individual and their learning preference.

There are 6 primary learning methods. A good learning organisation uses all, often in combination.

Defining your target culture is a process in which we work out the Why, What and How.

The Culture Plan contains elements found in every culture in the world! They combine to give a culture its shape, feeling, rhythm, momentum and a sense of self.

Listen to Nic explain our approach to the learning process.

We focus on developing people in topics they desire, through methods they prefer, and by facilitators that understand their role and their organisational context.

We provide an objective approach, based on industry best practice, bringing with us specialised skills and a safe space to conduct organisational change.

Our services cost less than what you’ll save in improvement through the program. Most importantly, it will provide the exact horsepower you need when you need it.

We use creative thinking and innovation to build an overall vision for programs and inspire others to adopt the changes needed to realise that vision. Strong, consistent leadership at all levels is needed to shape organisational health into the future.

We have an opportunity to shape these conversations, facilitating productive discomfort in a way you may find difficult working within your organisation.

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