The Leadership Formula

The Leadership Formula

The art of leading your team to success with confidence

So you’ve landed yourself a promotion, taken a step up in the pecking order and finally made it! Everything feels like it’s coming together, and as you drive home that night after another long day you’re feeling the anticipation of things to come (I remember being there myself many times!).

On your way in to work the next day it finally hits you… what have you got yourself into, “I can’t lead others, I don’t know where to start”

Thousands of people in the Tasmanian workforce are promoted into positions of leadership without any real direction, support or formal training. In many cases it’s the individual that performs best in technical work that is promoted into a position leading others doing that technical work.

As a new manager and leader of people the role might seem overwhelming and daunting, there is however a simple formula that if followed will mean you can lead your new team to success with confidence.

The following model outlines one way in which you can view the key elements of being influential in your leadership of people in the workforce. We’ll share more on leadership in coming blog posts soon

Influencial Leadership

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