Learning the EFFECTIVE way

Learning the EFFECTIVE way

When I think about learning, I’m reminded of a time when I first started teaching.

Fresh out of uni – I had a somewhat simplistic view of how things work, full of knowledge and theory, confident that the understanding I’d developed from 4 years of emersion and direction from “learned professors” would see me in good stead in a classroom …. how wrong was I!

Now – 16 years later, a realistic view of learning has emerged.

Learning occurs when a combination of elements are satisfied:

A – It must be relevant to YOU (you are juiced about things you find interesting aren’t you?) You must have a compelling reason as to WHY you’re doing it!

B – It needs to include a combination of Knowledge (information), Discussion (context), Skill development (practical application), and Repetition in the form of experience…

C – Knowledge must be applicable to the context (your situation), and inspire you to THINK about how they link

The list could go on… but you get the picture.

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